2008年に「日本語の歌が歌いたい」という理由で、 ふうよう という名でソロ活動開始、小説も執筆。

Cherry Blossoms Demon 23

A story of Ondori's demon

I found the abandoned house in the bosom of the forest.
The roof on the roof was damaged, but both the pillars and the floor were solid.
Although the wall of the earth was collapsed, there were also bamboo and soil.

I pray to the landlord God before repairing the house and tell you to live here for a while.
Listen to the sound of the soil with ears. I feel the signs of the dragons going back and forth in the basement. Make sure that water does not get bad on this premises.

A good part of the beast's body is where smells and sounds are likely to be sharp tens of thousands of times per person's body.
I repaired my house and started to live like a man.

I almost eat meat of the beast and eat nuts and insects from time to time.
But mostly I drink water, eating leaves and grass, my belly has not decreased so much.

When I live in a person, the feeling of a person injured my depth of my work, about my body, I blamed myself every time I eat people.

I wish for being a person, I was pity for myself.
I feel merciful about myself, but my feeling of becoming something I can not make is the same as bullying myself myself. When I put that thought on me, I can make myself a true self.

Returning to the figure of the demon, the meaning of being in the form of a person gets lost, and it comes to thinking as to what it eats for what.

I feel that I can not accept that I am a demon.
I want to get a figure like a person.
I want to live in a human world. I guess they are wishes of course.

Why do you wish so?

Because I wanted to live as a person.
Because I wanted to be seen as a person.
Because I was seeking for happiness as a person.

I put such feelings gently, once.

I quietly live in mountain noodles.

The appetite of the meat fades steadily, I think that I want to eat miso soup made by the rice.

Instead of boiling water, add cedar leaves and drink.
I made charcoal and drank meat tea boiled in the hearth and sometimes, I tried various kinds of grass and leaves as a tea and drank it.

The evening of the snowstorm also faced the hearth of the hearth, and when I looked at charcoal occurrence, I thought of this land.

The mountains are still getting deeper and deeper. With firewood for cooking and making snow scraps around the house, there are as many places to say that there are errands living in the mountains.

Mutsuku is covered with snow clouds brought in by the wind from the Sea of ??Japan and most of them can not see the sun, but sometimes on sunny days, glittering ice crystals dance in the atmosphere. In case Sometimes the ice is bloomed by the sun and the ice blossoms bloom. When the sun goes into the world of the silver, the gray world changes its taste to the world of light and emerges the scenery which can not be thought of as the same place.
The day pours color into the world.

People see God in the sun, but that's the same with me. It is thanks to the protection of the day to breathe into this world.
When a star develops life, the sun brings heat, light and color to the star, and fosters all life of the star. Foster the life of the baby and nurture the life of the demon.

Regardless of the presence or absence of a sin, the day protects all the life's activities, regardless of the right and wrong of the heart.

I am illuminated by the sun on a sunny day, I am embraced by the protection and warmth, I notice myself being alive.

While in a snowy winter mountain, the quiet time of a sunny day washes my heart.
I get color in my heart and I can find a hope for my life that will last forever.

In the world of men, I kill myself, I live, chased, killed and killed, but in a world away from people, I think that I am not a heterogeneous creature but a true creature that can accept sun protection It comes.
The split mouth and the whole hair seem like that of a real creature.

In this winter mountain, I hear the sound of the wind, listen to the water investigation, love the beauty of the ice, deeply immerse himself in my world.

I think I want to talk to Mr. Sakichi about the story of my world.
The only thing that tightens my mind is the desire to talk to someone within my heart. I thought that I can not speak.
Emotions that can not go anywhere deeply tighten me.

Still I do not want to live like a beast anymore. I do not have to live in a village and live a life. Even in the way of a beast, you can live like a person.
I want to live not as a heterogeneous creature but as a true creature called a demon.

Regardless of people, I would like to inscribe my time with this bust of Mount Mutsu.

It is illuminated by the sun, I wish to dye the color to my heart.




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